Every great story starts with: "There once was..."
Ours starts with: "There once were..."

Yellow Jersey

A Full Stack development company at your service. We develop your products from A to Z. Founded by Bart De Tandt and Maarten Van Dam in 2017, Yellow Jersey became a safe haven for anyone who searches skilled people with whom they could trust their project to.

With a broad focus on functionality as well as design, Yellow Jersey delivers what has been asked and more. Besides developing here at Yellow Jersey we also think along of ways to get the best out of your application.

Never stop learning

Our people are always improving themselves at our own Yellow Academy.

Full Stack

With our Full Stack team, we can provide a full service for your project.

Mobile First

With all the mobile possibilities these days, we make sure that every application is also mobile compatible.


We are a company with a focus on full stack development. With our top of the bill people we will create all of your custom development applications from a mobile first perspective.


A good website/application starts with a good design.


After the analysis and designing, our developers transform the entire prototype into a working application.


After the application has been developed, Yellow Jersey will make sure that the job is done only when it's up and running.